Matthew Cochran

Founder CTO/CXO, TruthShield
  • Product Lead
  • Technical Lead
  • Software Architect


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Hi, my name is Matt Cochran.

I’m sure you know how challenging it is to ideate, design, and manufacture software today.

It requires carefully balancing mature practices with modern technologies.

And talent shortages, legacy system decay, and process inefficiencies present unique challenges for everyone producing software today.

I get it.

I'm a product and tech leader with over twenty-five years of experience across all aspects of digital product development, including strategic analysis, research, and planning; product design and development; technical architecture design; product launch and operations.

  • I specialize in modernizing product development practices, including executing transformation projects providing legacy system upgrades, aligning product and technical strategy, and shipping greenfield innovation projects.
  • I help companies meet their objectives through training, maturing, and growing current teams and culture—all with a deep passion for optimizing software product development: ideation and validation to design and construction.
  • I build highly effective and well-balanced product development and software engineering practices, mapping a path toward maturity with highly interpersonal activities like software production requires establishing high-functioning, collaborative, and aligned cross-functional teams.

I have the expertise to help you improve strategic and organizational alignment, achieve digital transformation, and drive business-centered technical and product strategies to take your software product development to the next level.

I look forward to hearing how I can help boost your success.

Best wishes and warm regards - Matt


Hands-On Product Lead,
Technical Lead,
and Operations Lead

Practice Maturity

I help companies establish mature customer-centric product and technology practices through a synergistic integration of processes, technologies, and staffing to align product and technology strategies with business goals.


Process Management

I incorporate process management methodologies from multiple engineering disciplines to help companies mature operations and produce agile systems using agile processes.


Product Management

I develop solid product strategies by balancing customer needs with technical, operational, and business risks. I work with internal stakeholders and elicit customer feedback to make viable product roadmaps with clear milestone deliverables and timelines.


Digital Transformation

I help companies evaluate their organizational structure, operations, and technologies and drive collaborative strategies to modernize antiquated legacy software systems, automate processes, and streamline operations.


Software Architecture

I help companies establish critical foundations necessary to construct and maintain agile and anti-fragile software systems.


DevOps Automation & Mechanization

I help companies establish modern software manufacturing with IAC (Infrastructure-As-Code) and automated CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) pipelines.


Project Management

I help companies strategize, design, and execute complex projects from strategy and ideation through project design, staffing, and project execution.

Advisory Board Seats

Strategic Technology Advisor

RoboNegotiator is a SaaS company with a vision to change how sellers and buyers trade their products and services.

Kapdec is an education initiative by academicians providing robust e-learning solutions to students, teachers, and schools globally.

Impart Knowledge works with medical professionals to ensure their practice is run in the most efficient manner with the best return on investment possible.

Recent Projects

and case studies

Establish product management practice

I established a mature customer-centric product management process.

I proposed, evangelized, and moved the company from complete lack of a formal product strategy to a highly formalized project strategy based on JTBD (Jobs To Be Done). This required re-organizing both the product, development, and quality practices to align with this new customer-centric way of building product.

This new practice matured UX from a product design activity in a vaccuum to a highly customer-centric activity with continuous feedback and collaboration with actual customers to make data-driven product decisions.

Move Operations to the Cloud

To keept the company operating during the Covid pandemic under extreme cyber-attacks on their legacy systems. I initiated and executed this project to enable staff to work from home with minimal impact to business operations.

I inherited an ecosystem with antiquated hardware, an in-house data center with over 600 mission-critical but undocumented virtual servers in poor health. No one at the company could manage the in-house IT systems and the business was entirely reliant on a single former employee working as a contractor. No employee could work remotely due to legacy IT limitations.

While challenging and with plenty of bumps in the road, this project completed in 2 months while under a ransomware attack with no working disaster recovery mechanism. I moved the entire workforce remote with zero down-time. I also reduced the server count from 600 to twelve, fully provisioned via IAC (infrastructure as code. I built a relationship with a security vendor to upgrade the antiquated security to a modern system. The new system is completely managed in-house with a functional tested disaster recovery plan.

Modernize Legacy Infrastructure

I proposed, launched, and managed the migration of all run-time environments from self-managed data centers to the cloud (GCP).

This project yielded a 280x improvement in deployment and management efficiency by migrating manual processes to IAC (Infrastructure as Code).

click here for the case study.

Process and Technology Improvements

I restructured software architecture, development processes and applied new technologies to upgrade production systems.

This effort realized a 454% improvement in project execution velocity and a 110x improvement in deployment velocity.

Data Maturity

Proposed and led a project to modernize data capabilities across the organization by using cloud data lake, data warehouse, and cloud-based pipelining tools to establish a single aggregated source of truth for mission-critical business information.

Establish project management practice

I established a formal technical project management process and mature standard operating procedures where none existed before.

This new practice moved the company from an ad hoc request process to a sharper project-centric approach to identify projects that should not move forward because of poor ROI and improve strategic investments based on time, cost, and risk.


2022– Present

Founder, CTO/CXO

TruthShield, LLC

New York, NY

TruthShield provides innovative tools, training and services to optimize, strengthen, and elevate software manufacturing processes to deliver cutting-edge competitive advantages.

  • Boost software development efficiency.
  • Identify, mitigate, and eliminate primary sources of software failure.
  • Streamline alignment across diverse specialists, especially focusing on the bridge between technial and non-technical stakeholders.




New York, NY

Responsible for establishing and running product research and development, software engineering, quality assurance, IT, and project management practices.

Developed and executed product, technical, and organization strategies to modernize all aspects of product development.

Managed product and technical roadmap planning process with all stakeholders. Responsible for budgeting millions across product, IT, and engineering teams, projects, and vendors.

Negotiated strategic alliances with many vendors to expidite project execution and provide modernization support.

Made executive decisions on all product and technology aspects of the company; including product strategy, software design and development, staffing strategies, technical strategies, product and software development processes, requirement standardization, quality assurance engineering practices, and optimizing internal communications.

Hands-on systems architecture design, detailed technical design, project design, and coaching/mentoring. Planning and executing technology platform consolidation, modernization, and migrations, across all customer-facing and employee-facing systems. Provide leadership and establish processes and standards to ensure best practices that foster continuous improvements.


Chief Architect, Senior VP Engineering


New York, NY

Define and track architecture, processes, and best practices that support both functional and non-functional requirements, including performance, scalability, reliability, security, manageability, and maintainability.

Lead concept, design, build, and test efforts of producing cutting edge solutions. Define how capabilities will be built and support timely delivery of capabilities and solutions. Participate in planning and requirements definition in collaboration with business owners and product managers to ensure the time and efforts of the delivery team is in alignment with overall strategy.

Lead all aspects of technical product ownership, including gathering requirements, specification production, architecture, planning, detail design, implementation, quality assurance, documentation, and continuous integration/delivery.

Lead a project to eliminate the risk of an over-dependence on a 3rd party software vendor. Brought all technical decisions and management in-house and introduced new quality management processes including establishing standards for executable specifications and TDD (test-driven-development).


Senior Manager, Development


New York, NY

Hands-on system architect, technical, and process lead. Define technical vision and roadmap across multiple teams and products. Representative for flagship products on the architectural committee. Define individual product capability and technical roadmaps based on opportunities, risk evaluation, project cost and schedule for multiple systems. Design and document projects to modernize architecture in brownfield products. Staffing and management of multiple software engineering teams. Mentoring engineering teams on efficient scoping, estimation, design, and plan execution.


Senior Software Engineer / Systems architect



Hands-on software architecture and technical lead. Responsible for gathering requirements, architecting, and building a new flagship site with personalized content engine and content management. Introduced automated CI/CD processes with automated quality gates continuous release. Train and direct junior developers and manage work product for the team.


Manager of Software Development

New York, NY

Hands-on software architect and technical lead. Responsible for building and managing a development team responsible for all integration and internal systems development. Defined standardized software development and maintenance processes. Responsible for defining and executing new projects. Lead continuous improvement efforts to lower total cost of ownership and increase performance.


Sr. Software Architect/Analyst

Vertical Capital Investment Advisors

New York, NY

Hands-on systems software architecture and technical lead. Analyze exiting systems architecture and code base to identify procedural/data inconsistencies and identify high risk areas in legacy systems. Systems architecture including integration of a service bus to parallelize and increase throughput of mission critical data processing applications. Develop long term, multi-phase plans for system upgrades. Present time, cost, and risk options to senior management. Define and execute architectural changes to improve performance, reduce technical debt and increase overall development momentum.


Senior software Architect/Team Lead

Business Intelligence Associates, Inc. (BIA)

New York, NY

Hands-on systems analysis, architecture, and development lead: Built and lead technology team to support in-house software and new product development for digital forensics and electronic discovery. Define opportunities for system improvements and work with management to develop technical roadmaps. Architect and lead design/construction efforts on distributed system to enable low friction extensibility in order to extract evidence from new file types. Redesign communication layer in processing grid, reducing network and database load and increasing throughput 250%. Redesign workflow engine, reducing file processing error rates over 95% and significantly reduced manual processes. Architect hybrid desktop and SaaS solution used to perform defensible remote forensic collections and mine digital assets to extract evidence used in court.


Software Developer

Debevoise & Plimpton

New York, NY

Lead programmer/analyst. Gather requirements, write functional and technical specifications, perform technical analysis, design and develop multi-tier systems. Provide technical assistance for development team and present to team members on topics including architecture, code performance, CLR internals, multi-threading, TDD, data structures and regular expressions. Technical analysis, design and development; Liaison between accounting and information services department.


Manager of Web Development


Stanford, CT

Responsible for all digital product and technology operations to bring the company's completely analog business to the web. Drive product and technical strategies. Gather requirements, write functional and technical specifications, architect and develop systems with capabilities including content management, job tracking, html conversion utilities, digital asset management, and job automation projects. Define e-commerce vision to leverage existing direct marketing programs. Successfully led execution of project with both internal and external resources to launch new online initiative resulting in revenues of over one million dollars in the first year. Supervise operations of e-marketing. Hands-on technology analysis, development, and management